(25 Days of Viajes) Return to Miami

Miami could be a global city like Dubai but…

We visited Miami in July. It was the first we had been back since 2018. Problemas con la familia was the biggest reason, para no ir en tanto detalle. We were in town to fly the inaugural Emirates flight from Miami to Dubai in business class. We ate at Chef Creole’s and walked around Wynwood Walls, but something about Miami was off. Yes, it was still the pandemic, and it didn’t look like people were taking it seriously. De pronto it was the 7 years that I’ve been living in DC. But biggest of all, Miami felt so different because everything was the same as it was when I left in 2014. It’s such a shame. Miami has a capable workforce, it’s cultural diversity is evident, and we are the bridge to Latin America. Pero coño we hold ourselves back with our greed, falta de educación, and ambition.

I know I keep talking about Dubai so much que de pronto y’all think they are paying me (they aren’t). But Dubai started out of the sands of the Arabian Desert 50 years ago and look where they are at now. Miami? Still repairing roads. Replacing cocaine with crypto. No vision for its people. No ambition to become a global city. Un pinche banana republic. And why don’t I go back home to save Miami? Not enough people want Miami to change. Too many people are too interested in making money off the condos, off the crypto grift, moving to party in a city they don’t understand. We need new leadership. We need the corrupt politicians gone. I can’t change that by myself. Until then, I really hope Miami can get its act together, and follow Dubai’s lead of what a global city could and should be.

Vamos viajando. The world needs to see us!

Enjoying the good food at Chef Creole in Little Haiti.

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