(25 Days de Viajes) Traveling as a Couple

Thoughts from Danny and Laurie…

Danny: The best thing about traveling with Laurie is that she indulges me with my history fandom. We will go to a museum or to a historical site and I am happy to not only indulge in my love with history, but that I can share my favorite thing with Laurie. Sure, Laurie won’t stay at the museum the whole day, but just enough for me to appreciate the place. I will say the most challenging aspect about traveling with your someone special is when they want you to do something que tu no tiene ganas de hacer. Sometimes it’s taking that extra picture or spend that extra hour in the pool instead of exploring. I’m learning to appreciate that taking that extra time to relax and capture the “perfect shot” is worth it, even if my impulses say otherwise. A Master Traveler in training 🥋.

Laurie: Where there is a pool, I’ll go 😂. My vacations are more about lounging than exploring at all times. My job is pretty demanding so whenever I get the chance to soak in the rays that’s the perfect vacation for me. Of course, I want to spend time with Danny in our travels, but one thing we are realizing is that sometimes it’s good for us to have some time apart. Go ahead Danny, enjoy the museum while I enjoy the pool. In that way we both win and get to share our days back during dinner. Oh, and I have to find more ways to motivate Danny to perform for the Gram. Mounting camels included. 😂

Vamos viajando. The world needs to see us!

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