History Tutoring

B.A. History – University of Virginia

M. Public Admin – George Mason University

Over 600 hours of tutoring American & World History and American Government

Online Tutoring – $40/Hour

You know Danny for his love of history during our travels. What you might not know is that he has been tutoring high school and college students in American and World History for over 10 years.

Danny is able to tutor all levels of high school American History, World History, and American Government across the United States. Flexible timing is available upon request.

For success in these classes, it is recommended that we begin tutoring sessions as early in the school year as possible. Cramming for the AP/End-of-Year exams is not recommended!

Recommended AP World Tutor

Even though my daughter is an A student she kind of struggled a lot with AP World History. He was very thorough with the concepts and helped my daughter a lot throughout the year. Even before the AP exams he made her practice a lot of DBQ’s and helped her to regain her confidence and she got a 4 in her AP exam. We were very happy with the way he taught the classes and would surely recommend him to anyone who is struggling with AP World History.

Aparna, 14 lessons with Danny

AP History Tutor for HS Junior

Danny explains things in a very clear way. He always made sure that I understood what was happening in the topics we were studying, leading one historical event to another in a progressive and understandable way. On top of that, because my class was behind, he brought me up to date on all the topics I needed to know for the AP exam. I could not have done that without him. I recommend him for any support.

Alexandra, 10 lessons with Danny

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