Things to Do in DC for First-Timers

Hay muchas cosas que hacer en DC, but here are some of our favorite activities!

Visit the Smithsonian Museums – That’s right, the Smithsonian is not one museum but 19 of them + the National Zoo. We haven’t even visited all of them, but our favorites are the Museum of National History and the Air & Space Museum. Whatever your interests, there is probably a museum for you! (Website)

Visit the National Mall – No vas pa’ compras! The National Mall is the area of green between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol. Do have your walking shoes because the distances between the memorials are not short! Rent a bike from Capital Bikeshare so that you can enjoy the lovely DC weather and see the monuments! (Website)  

Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl – Hagalo pa’ la cultura! Founded in 1958, Ben’s Chili Bowl has been a historic DC food establishment. Enjoy some great comfort foods while taking in the African-American history of DC. Visit the U Street location for the most authentic experience. Website 

Hike the Trails – Our favorites are Great Falls Park and Theodore Roosevelt Island, pero you can’t go wrong with any of these bike and walking trails. DC has plenty of green spaces to explore! Website 

Bonus – Latino Restaurants to Check Out – We have personally eaten at these restaurants y la comida es muy buena! Están en DC and Virginia – Mi Cuba Cafe, Colada Shop, Aroma Cafe, Pa’ Tacos El Papi, Los Hermanos, y Doña Azucena.

Bonus – La Avenida de los Libertadores – Sabias that there are 5 statues that celebrate the military figures that liberated the Americas in DC? Along Virginia Avenue NW, you can take a 1 mile walk past 5 statues – Benito Juarez (Mexico), Bernardo de Galvez (Spain-USA), Jose de San Martin (Argentina), Simon Bolivar (Gran Colombia), and Jose Gervasio Artigas (Uruguay).

Parking is a little difficult along Virginia Ave so we recommend walking the route!

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