(25 Days de Viajes) A Holy Pilgrimage in Cairo

La Familia Santa traveled throughout Egypt?

Laurie and I are Catholics, so when we found out that we were visiting a holy site where Baby Jesus stayed with the Virgin Mary and Joseph during their exile in Egypt, we were stunned. We had heard about the exile story by the Holy Family to Egypt during Bible School (Laurie) and during my confirmation classes before marriage (Danny). Pero that was it, nada about how the Holy Family went to Egypt and stayed there for several months. Amal, our amazing tour guide, walked us through the narrow streets of Old Cairo to the Cavern Church. We kept seeing imagery of the Holy Family’s pilgrimage to these lands, but it wasn’t until we began taking the stairs down to the cave that it began to dawn on us how special all this was. There the cave was, a very humble abode. We both stood there just looking around, dumbfounded at the unexpected pilgrimage we walked ourselves into. Alas, after several minutes, fue tiempo para irnos, and we slowly took the stairs up out of the cavern. As we left the church, we were left wondering why nobody had told us of this fascinating Biblical history. Why not tell us that the Holy Family came to Egypt and stayed here for months? Why not tell us about the multiple churches that were erected throughout Egypt to commemorate the different locations they visited and the reported miracles that have occurred there? We left with a deeper appreciation for the cultural and religious diversity that exists in these lands, and with determination to continue highlighting how similar our cultures are.

Vamos viajando. The world needs to see us!


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