Flights to Freedom

We didn’t anticipate writing a blog post on the tragedy that is occurring in Afghanistan. Regardless of the politics we all have, we can agree on one thing – we are abandoning a people that believed in the United States and its promise of freedom. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling, because for many Latinos, we came to America on a plane. Whether the children escaping communism in Cuba during Operation Peter Pan, or Puerto Ricans wanting to exercise their full rights as Americans on the mainland, or for all others pursuing better economic and social opportunities, nuestra gente have seen airplanes as a ticket to freedom to live a better life and/or freedom from the difficult life they had in their homelands.

I saw a tweet this morning from a Latino that was against bringing the Afghani refugees to America. Que desgracia! From a people that have immigrated to the United States seeking that better life, what right do we have to tell Afghanis escaping the collapse of their society to not come to the our adopted country? We have an obligation to help our fellow Afghani brothers and sisters in their time of need.

We pray for the people of Afghanistan. We demand that the American government and its allies assist all Afghanis escaping the Taliban. Contact the White House, your representatives and senators to demand expanding the SIV program. Please donate to the following charities:

Resettlement Efforts – Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services
Direct Assistance in Afghanistan – Women for Afghan Women
Journalists on the Ground – Afghan Journalist Safety Committee


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